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Exploding Planet
Exploding Planet
New Exploding Planet Bootscreen! It has an illusion! Just concentrate at a particular point to see the planet moving!
Ice Cave
Ice Cave
New Ice Cave Bootscreen! An Ice Cave has been flooded in this Bootscreen!
Burning Vista
Burning Vista
New Burning Vista Bootscreen! Experience the feel of Vista!
Vista on Ice Cliff
Vista on Ice Cliff
New Vista on Ice Cliff Bootscreen! An Ice Cliff is carved in letters : Windows Vista!
New Abstract Bootscreen! Lets see what you can see in its wallpaper!
Windows Vista #2
Windows Vista #2
New Windows Vista Bootscreen for Windows XP!
Chrome Earth
Chrome Earth
The Earth in water is going to be attacked!
Machine Wars
Machine Wars
Can you guess who will win the war?
Dolphins in Love
Dolphins in Love
A Romantic Bootscreen!


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