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Boot XP

'BootXP' is supposed to help you change your boot screen and progress bar. When I've tested the program I used a big size, high resolution image but the trial version of the program converted the image to 16 colors. If this was not enough, when I've tried to set the picture as boot screen, this message appeared 'Your NTOSKRNL Version It Isn't Supported By BootXP. BootXP Supports Version 5.1.2600.0, 5.1.2600.31, 5.1.2600.1106(SP1)' and I have SP2(Service Pack 2) installed. Anyway, the boot screen wasn't changed. A nice feature is 'Enable The Progress Bar Positioning(Windows XP)' but beware of the message next to it '(Disable It To Minimize B.S.D. Problems).'

The program offers you other features like 'Get Boot Screens' which offers you links to bitmaps, wallpapers, logons, styles and boot screens. If you want to restore your old boot screen, you need to restore your BOOT.INI backup. This will uninstall BootXP from your BOOT.INI file.

The interface might be a little difficult to use at first and the producer doesn't offer a help file to make your job easy.
It has a major drawback : On Windows XP it works only with SP1. It's a little expensive.

Click Here to visit the Boot XP Home Page!

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