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  Chameleon XP
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Chameleon XP

The Original LogonUI Editor
ChameleonXP was the first editor that let any user edit his/her Welcome Screen. Other programs have recently appeared, but none come close to ChameleonXP's  easy but powerfull features. 
Easy and convenient
It shouldnt  take a genius to customize the WindowsXP Welcome Screen. Thats why ChameleonXP was created. As long as you have some image editing experience and know how to work a mouse you will be able to quicky start editing and have a new Welcome Screen in just minutes.

Usefull features

Chameleon Skin Manager
Keep track of all your skins with the easy to use skin manager.  You can easily delete, change and edit any skin. Of course you can also preview the skins before making your selection. All skin files are kept in a zip files for easy manipulation.

Export Skin Packs
Its easy to share Chameleon Skin Packs.  We've made sure to add an export feature that can allow you to conveniently package all required files (bitmaps, fonts, etc) into a Zip file.  So what you see during creation, is what everyone gets.

Chameleon Skin Editor
Not only is the editor powerful, its very easy to use. You dont need to know RGB values, X Y coordinates, or scripting knowledge. Just click, click and save. Background colors, fonts styles and bitmaps can quickly be changed to sooth anyones interest.

Author Profiles
Here at Outersoft Inc. we belive in giving credit where credit is due. All authors can save ther names, e-mail address, URL, and personal tag into the skin file and LOUIE (LogOnUI.Exe).

Click Here to visit the Chameleon XP Home Page!

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