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Star Skin

Windows Themes, introduced by Windows XP, are really a cool thing. The bound of interface changeability was nearly completely broken. Nearly: StarSkin does one more step to the boundless interface theming. First of all, it allows changing appearance — of either the entire Windows or of individual elements — more comfortably, then Windows itself does. One or two clicks — and your environment is altered com-le-te-ly!

   Moreover, StarSkin does some things that are completely impossible to do without this software. For instance, you can change your Windows boot and logon screen. Why should you do this? Well, who said you *shouldn’t*? I think, the personalization of the desktop appearance must be complete, giving you something you would feel as really *yours* environment!

   Another cool thing about StarSkin — it can handle the old-fashioned software. I mean the programs, which Windows cannot apply the themes to. StarSkin can do that with ease. You will never see the spots of dullness in your colorful computer life.

   So, if your are not a heartfelt enemy of the modern look and stylish themes — you really need StarSkin. By the way, it comes with a collection of its own unique themes, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Click Here to visit the Star Skin Home Page!

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